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The 50 Year Anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” Speech

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s March on Washington, I’ve been asked to speak in our nation’s Capitol today by the Republican National Committee. I’m getting ready to go on stage, so please pray for me. I get nervous, and it’s humbling to speak at events like this. I’ve been asked repeatedly by folks why I am a Republican. It’s because Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream was never about dependency, it was about equality, opportunity and faith. Dependency robs all people, regardless of race, of their freedom and dignity. It’s because I still believe in the value of life, and in the beauty of liberty. Having been raised by a Mom and a Dad in the same home in Lawton, Oklahoma, I also believe strong families will rebuild our nation. While these values should not be partisan, they are what compelled me to become a Republican. Thanks to all my friends! I can always feel the power of your prayer.



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T.W. Shannon

#SCOTUS has sided with #HobbyLobby in their case against #Obamacare. A big win for religious freedom & liberty!

T.W. Shannon

Thanks to all our supporters who made calls, knocked doors, donated time & money, and voted for me. God Bless you!

T.W. Shannon

One more hour! Get to the polls and make your voice heard. Let's finish strong, #TeamTW!

T.W. Shannon