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T.W. Shannon Reacts to EPA’s New Rules on Fossil Fuels; Calls for Abolishing Rogue Super Agency

Lawton, OK (June 3, 2014) – Reacting today to the EPA’s new rules on carbon emissions, T.W. Shannon said, “The Obama Administration is wrong on energy. The new EPA regulations are punitive, burdensome, and will cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs across the nation, while increasing energy costs for consumers. Once again, the liberals in Washington are putting forth a plan that curbs growth and prosperity while increasing the size, scope, and power of the federal government.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that EPA’s plan could cost the economy more than $50 billion a year, and result in the elimination of 224,000 jobs.

“In its ongoing war against energy, the Obama Administration continues to rely on disputed science in order to promote the radical agenda of environmental groups,” Shannon said. “This is just the latest outrage. Here in Oklahoma new EPA rules will force two Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. power plants to implement a costly plan for reducing regional haze. The purpose of new rules is to increase visibility at federal parks; not to protect health.”

OG&E warned last year that the EPA’s plan could require an investment of more than $1 billion to reduce emissions at coal units in Red Rock and Muskogee.

Shannon has called for abolishing the EPA and letting state regulators fill the EPA’s role in safeguarding the environment.

“Oklahomans know best how to take care of Oklahoma’s environment,” Shannon said. “The EPA has become a rogue super agency that implements Obama’s environmental agenda by writing new rules and forcing them on states, thereby avoiding congressional input and oversight. That’s abuse of federal power, plain and simple.”

“The EPA is part of a much larger problem,” said Shannon. “We have a runaway federal government that is far too large and no longer accountable to the people it should be serving. We are $17.5 trillion in debt and we haven’t had a balanced budget in nearly 15 years. Spending is out of control. As Senator, I will support efforts to abolish the EPA, which could save the taxpayers $90 billion.”




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T.W. Shannon