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T.W. Shannon Issues Statement on Campaign Ads by Outside Groups

Lawton,OK (June 4, 2014) – T.W. Shannon issued the following statement today regarding political campaign ads by third-party groups:

“My desire is for third party groups to keep their advertising focused on issues, not personal attacks and innuendo. There are real differences between Congressman Lankford and myself when it comes to our record on debt and spending, and I welcome that discussion. But I believe that discussion should remain focused on our record, and free of images showing my opponent with President Obama. I have said this before, but it bears repeating in this instance: as brothers in Christ, Congressman Lankford and I are competitors, not enemies.”

“As we have seen in Senate races across the country, there likely will be many groups weighing in on both sides of this race. I hope everyone will agree that keeping the advertising focused on issues and records will best serve the people of Oklahoma as they determine who their next U.S. Senator should be.”




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T.W. Shannon

#SCOTUS has sided with #HobbyLobby in their case against #Obamacare. A big win for religious freedom & liberty!

T.W. Shannon

Thanks to all our supporters who made calls, knocked doors, donated time & money, and voted for me. God Bless you!

T.W. Shannon

One more hour! Get to the polls and make your voice heard. Let's finish strong, #TeamTW!

T.W. Shannon